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The How-To Heretic

Dec 25, 2019

This week! Uncle Doug mourns all we've lost with the War on Christmas, Uncle Dan rings his weird bell one last time with Sokushinbutsu, and Paige returns once more for a follow-up on the virtues of lying to children!

Dec 18, 2019

This Week! Uncle Mark ruins your baby shower with the Limbo of the Infants, Uncle Doug ruins your day with the Oppression of the Uyghurs, and our friend Paige returns to join us in some caroling! 

Dec 11, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark reads the paper live and we all have aneurysms, Uncle Doug gives a tiny hope for equality with the ERA, and Uncle Dan manifests a secret just in time for Christmas!

Dec 4, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark warns that your orange juice may hate you with Anita Bryant, Uncle Dan gives us the Terrible Parable quiz and Uncle Doug muses over when and How-To intervene.

Nov 27, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark has questions for the candidate, Uncle Doug helps us sleep with the Mayan calendar and Uncle Dan finds purity culture ain't so pure!