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The How-To Heretic

Mar 31, 2021

This week! Uncle Doug runs wild and lives to regret it with Rumspringa, Uncle Dan tries to explain Easter and fails, and Nate Phelps joins us to talk about waking from his nightmare.

Mar 24, 2021

This week! Uncle Mark finds 9 is too many with The Order of 9 Angles, Uncle Dan finds the accidental good guy in the Book of Mormon with Korihor, and Uncle Doug wants you to tell your friends the COVID vaccine is right for them.

Mar 17, 2021

This week! Uncle Mark wants the loot from the young Earth creationists, Uncle Doug reviews Murder Among the Mormons and Uncle Dan hopes you enjoy St. Patrick's Day responsibly (and a little more honestly).

Mar 10, 2021

This week! Uncle Mark finds a route to the White House with Manly P. Hall, Uncle Dan thinks you're ignoring the 2nd Commandment with political idolatry, and Uncle Doug introduces us to the man who stopped the Mormons with Jim Bridger.

Mar 3, 2021

This Week! Uncle Mark disturbs your slumber with sleep paralysis, Uncle Doug spins the night away with the Sufis, and Uncle Dan has the wrong number with 666!