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The How-To Heretic

Jul 31, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark introduces us to a saint you best not pray to, Uncle Doug brings us home to Utah in Brother Brigham's wagon and Uncle Dan wants to see what can be saved from religion.

Jul 24, 2019

This week! Uncle Doug reports on all the criminality and sexual misconduct that lead to Joseph Smith's last look out the window, Uncle Mark proves he does not see color, at least not the invisible one surrounding you and Uncle Dan asks 'Missionary work. Why?'

Jul 17, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark bums us out with the misnamed Colony of Dignity, Uncle Doug bums us out a little less with the Cult of Reason, and we ask what it would take to believe.

Jul 10, 2019

This week! Uncle Doug Introduces us to Josephus who was kind of a dick and never met Jesus, Uncle Mark then introduces us to Lady Jesus and her Eastern Lightning, and Uncle Dan shows us what woo can do for you. 

Jul 3, 2019

This week! Uncle Mark takes us to a very unfriendly mountain top to meet Crom, Uncle Doug introduces us to the about-to-become-extinct VidAngel, and Uncle Dan makes our brains implode with the Story of Moroni vs Zerahemna.