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The How-To Heretic

Jul 25, 2018

This week! Uncle Dan buries a...well, a mystery sort of a thing, Uncle Doug introduces a pioneering new segment, and Dr. D rejoins us to help us figure out How-To think, talk and feel about abortion.

Dr. D gave us some clarifying statistics, links and an interesting article on the medical ethics of abortion providers:

Jul 18, 2018

This week! Uncle Mark shows us the limits of pyramid power, Uncle Dan shows us that half a wisdom is not a wisdom at all, and Uncle Doug proves that way too many people have more money than they should. 

Jul 11, 2018

This week! Uncle Mark warns us about moon mind, Uncle Doug shows us how to apologize to modernize, and Uncle Dan tries to talk about weighty matters and the guys are having none of it. 

Jul 4, 2018

This week! Uncles Doug and Dan go FULL BIBLE (you never go full Bible!). First, Uncle Doug teaches us why more sinning is better than less, then Uncle Dan applies for a new Job, and Jeff Sessions is just a horrible human.